Library Interventions - Kate Briggs, Sharon Harvey, Nick Thurston

10 November - 10 November 2014

Browsing, searching, collating, reading, recording; Artists intervene in the library and revitalise some aspect of looking, inventing, discovering, connecting, engaging, creating.

10th November 2014

MA studio G31, from 4.00pm

We are very happy to be able to welcome back Kate Briggs, as part of an ongoing series of Library Interventions at Leeds College of Art. Kate, in a Skype conversation will discuss our Individual Reading Records. In a workshop run in May we worked on the question: “How do books exist for their readers once they are no longer actively being read?”

Kate Briggs 1 

Now Kate is able to discuss her findings: What Remains of the Book? Is our memory of reading material or immaterial? Do we conspire with the author by our reading in order to create a whole new text? How will her research translate into artworks? 

During July 2014, Sharon Harvey created a series of cyanotype prints in Blenheim Walk Library. A cyanotype (or sun print) is a Victorian, photogram process introduced in 1842 by Astronomer Sir John Herschel. Tonight we launch these illuminations in book form; Ultraviolet. 

“The cyanotype process used to produce these photographs creates ‘one off’ prints that are unique individual interpretations of the physical environment, echoing the ‘light bulb’ moments of discovery that books within the library have inspired.”          A. Davies, Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Photography. 

Sharon Harvey 1

Nick Thurston presents a new work entitled Six and Twenty Six letters. This work can be downloaded for free from the Library E-Studio. It plays with concrete poetry and invites you the reader to play with it: trimming down the contents and pressing in the crease, and following the instructions that annotate the un-used areas of the A4 sheet. The piece can be completed in the library or taken it away. The instructions and annotations have a didactic tone, calling our attention to “the thing in itself, a representation of the thing, and a general concept of the thing”. 

For the launch you will be able to see “One we made earlier.” 

Nick Thurston 1

Refreshments will be served.

  • 10 November - 10 November 2014
  • From 4pm, MA studio G31, Blenheim Walk Building, (Get Directions)