Lesley Wood - In Stead of Place

26 February - 14 March 2016

“Strange things happen when you aimlessly wander through the world, when you go somewhere and then just want to see what happens next.  Then things happen that no-one is going to believe later.  And, what comes next is very important, it is necessary to somehow capture and document these things”.

(W.G. Sebald) 

This show, of work in progress by Lesley Wood, uses the MA corridor (beyond Fine Art on the Ground Floor), as a location for images and objects seeking to evoke experience of place.

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There will be an open discussion event, March 1st, 5.30-7pm in the MA room.  Several people who work specifically in this area are being invited and all are welcome to share thoughts and ideas about how artists seek to ‘capture and document’ experience of place.  Email Lesley on lesleyeleanorwood@gmail.com to find out more and/or book your place.

  • 26 February - 14 March 2016
  • Blenheim Walk - MA corridor