Jane Palm-Gold - Regeneration City Blues

06 March - 03 April 2015

This exhibition explores the impact of city regeneration by corporate multinationals upon pre-existing shops and businesses and established local ‘grassroots’ creative and cultural activity.

Soaring land value forces out originality and sub-cultural scenes, leaving a homogenized wasteland of international brands and luxury unlived-in apartments. Our historical, social and cultural importance of ‘sense of place’ is being obliterated in certain city areas, to the dismay of local people and the existing community. Thus developed areas are ‘gentrified’ – but at what cost?

Jane Palm-Gold 1
‘100 Nights: The Roxy, Covent Garden’ (detail) Opening night, 14 December 1976 © Jane Palm-Gold / DACS 2012

Jane Palm-Gold studied at the Royal College of Art and her work has featured on BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms Show, MTV Networks, The Chart Show (ITV), NHK TV Japan, the Guardian, Independent, New Scientist and Current Archaeology. Her exhibition with Museum of London Archaeology, ‘London’s Underworld Unearthed: The Secret Life of the Rookery’ received much critical and public acclaim in 2011. 

Jane Palm-Gold 2

Image© Jane Palm-Gold