Audience Rich Lecture

03 December - 04 December 2014

The Audience Rich Lecture programme is organised and implemented by User Rich Ltd working with the BA (Hons) Art & Design Interdisciplinary programme.  

1 - 3pm Blenheim Walk Studio Theatre

Rich Wilson from QX Brand

Rich runs QX Brand as a marketing consultancy with a very hands on attitude. The diverse range of clients have a diverse range of requirements which keeps life interesting. In addition to working with clients on marketing plans, social media plans, developing creative work and helping create internal marketing processes I also lecture and run seminars Leeds University Business School (LUBS) for advertising & marketing students from all around the world. QX Brand is a marketing services business designed to assist clients get the maximum value from their marketing budget.  

QX is a diminutive of quincunx meaning an arrangement of five objects in a square, one at each corner and one in the centre. The five services offered by QX Brand (Strategic Marketing Development & Planning, Marketing Campaign Implementation, Social Media Strategy, Education & Training and Marketing Services Value Audit) can be arranged in any order within the quincunx and in fact the services are offered in any combination from any one to all five. 

Professor Jonathan Chapman

Jonathan Chapman is a Professor of Sustainable Design in the School of Art, Design & Media, Deputy Director of Design Research Initiatives and Course Leader of the MA Sustainable Design, which he co-wrote and launched (2009). His teaching, consultancy and research have grown from their early polemical and activist roots, to developing strategic counterpoints to the unsustainable character of contemporary material culture. 

Today, Professor Chapman is considered a key contributor to the discourse(s) on sustainability and design, internationally; receiving significant levels of critical acclaim from the United Nations (UN), New StatesmanNew York Times, The Telegraph, The GuardianThe Independent, several features and interviews on BBC Radio 4 (Something Understood, Material World, Click-On and The Today Programme) and the New Scientist, who described him as a ‘mover and shaker’, and, ‘a new breed of sustainable design thinker’. 

He has written two books; his monograph, Emotionally Durable Design: Objects, Experiences & Empathy (Routledge, 2005) and his co-edited work, Designers, Visionaries and Other Stories: A Collection of Sustainable Design Essays (Earthscan, 2007). Since publication in June 2005, the term ‘emotional durability’ has been adopted by designers, students and educators around the world, providing valuable shorthand for the complex and manifold factors that determine the endurance of ‘value’ and ‘meaning’ in a given object. As a result, the book has been widely adopted by professional designers at some of the world’s largest design-led corporations including SONY, Philips and Samsung. The book is also core reading at many of the world’s leading Design schools from Parsons, The Royal College of Art, Stanford and TU Delft to Seoul National University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Tsukuba.

User Rich

  • 03 December - 04 December 2014
  • Blenheim Walk