alexandra p. spaulding

09 October - 07 November 2015

relative to everything and nothing, this is my velocity 

alexandra p. spaulding (b.1979) is an American sound artist specialising in aural immersive installations. Her work is characterised by an engagement with the legacies of minimalist aesthetics and the visualisation of sound.

She studied for a PhD-by-practice at Glasgow School of Art (2005-2011) where her research grappled with the philosophical concept of the ineffable in the experience of aural immersion. Ineffability is by its very nature intangible and incomprehensible. Spaulding’s practice-led research investigated this seemingly impossible conundrum in a variety of illuminating ways. Her multi-sensual research process involved composing and housing her sound art, followed by the experiential and interview stages with her cohort of participants, and finally the analysis of her data which in turn informs a deeper conceptual level in the construction of new work.

An ancillary aim of this exhibition will be to question the place of research in professional practice three years after formal education.


alexandra p. spaulding, inside out, outside in (anechoic model 1) 2014. Medium-density fiberboard, acoustic foam, adhesive. 36 x 36 x 36 in. Photo courtesy of the artist.


  • 09 October - 07 November 2015
  • Blenheim Walk Gallery (Get Directions)