Collett Dickenson & Pearce - OUTSIDE

29 May - 13 July 2015

This exhibition of creative advertising work by Collett Dickenson and Pearce is, in-part, guided by the work of two alumni, of both the agency and Leeds College of Art; Colin Millward (1924-2004) and Ron Collins (1939-2011).

CDP was the first creatively-led agency in the UK (1960-2000). Millward was the first creative director of the agency (1960-1979) and Collins was an art director, with a big character and creative legacy to match.

Outside 1
Image courtesy HAT © Olympus

This retrospective reveals how CDP’s art direction and copywriting, was clearly grounded in a British culture, characterised by satire and under Millward, uncompromising creative excellence. Such achievements were recognised recently by the British educational charity D&AD (Design and Art Direction) during its 50th year anniversary; pointing to CDP as the most-awarded agency of all time.

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Image courtesy HAT © Fiat

OUTSIDE Collett Dickenson & Pearce is the first exhibition of creative advertising at Leeds College of Art gallery and hopes to raise the awareness of the professional roles in the industry and skills that our students studying BA(Hons) Creative Advertising practise today. The exhibition explores the creative achievements of CDP by looking at the design of Millward’s creative directorship and beyond to the wider context in which the agency existed, including the developments in art and design education. In doing so, parallels are drawn between the structures that nurture creative talent within and outside industry settings.