21 November - 05 December 2014

Subterraneans is an exhibition which explores how aspects of Beat culture have influenced  visual art and design and includes work by established artists and young unknowns, recent graduates and the long dead, artists and designers who have all in some way come under the spell or influence of those paths first laid out in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

This prestigious exhibition includes the work of many well-known artists and designers and also has a piece of work made by a current BA (Hons) Photography student, Florence Brewin. Florence made the piece in response to the level 5 module 'Photography As Representation' and will tour with the exhibition.

Image Bonnie & Clyde The Strip © Bonnie & Clyde

The diverse range of artists, designers, film makers, photographers, illustrators and printmakers from around the world being shown includes Aaron Murphy, Adam Tanser,  Adie Russell, Andrew Huggett, assume vivid astro focus, Bonnie and Clyde, Boyd and Evans, Carolyn Cassady, Chloe Early, Chris Osburn, Cyclops, Daniel Danger, Donald Topp, Dyna Moe, Florence Brewin, Gavin Turk, Hampus Ericstam, Harriet Hammel, Ian Burnley, Irina and Silviu Szekely, Jesse Kauppila, Joe Castro, John Baldessari, Jonathan Monk, Kennard Phillips, Kim Gordon, Marcel Duchamp,  Martyna Szczesna,  Nat Finkelstein,  Peter Liversidge,  Richard Prince, Robert Crumb, Rose Vickers, Rosie Vohra,  Rossina Bossio and Jonna Bergelin, Roy Lichtenstein, Roza Horowitz, Rufus Newell, Sam Taylor-Wood, Simon Morris, Stefanie Posavec, Steve Quinn, Valerie Phillips, Vicki Bennett, Wessieling, Yoko Ono and many others as well as a range of related books and ephemera. 

Click the front cover below to view the exhibition catalogue.

Subterraneans Catalogue

  • 21 November - 05 December 2014
  • Blenheim Walk - Gallery (Get Directions)