MA Curation Practices Placement

11 December 2019
By Natasha Clarke

MA Curation Practices student Natasha Clarke tells us about her experience on placement at The Art House, Wakefield.

During my studies on the Curation Practices MA at Leeds Arts University, I have had the opportunity to attend a number of work placements. One of these placements was at The Art House in Wakefield. Whilst in Wakefield I shadowed Simon Boase, who is the Programme Coordinator. Simon was very accommodating and had specifically carved out his timetable so that I could get as much information from the placement as I needed.

I attended the placement with specific research interests, however we covered a plethora of topics which ranged from funding (applying for grants and Arts Council funding) to working with artists, and accessibility of opportunities.

I left the placement with handfuls of new knowledge and inspiration for my future projects. The placement also helped me realise what sort of curator I want to be and what my interests are as an artist and curator.

Image: Placement students at The Art House, Wakefield. photograph by Simon Boase