How to work creatively at home

06 April 2020

For students of creative subjects, working from home is an opportunity to explore the fundamentals of your practice. Here we share our top tips for working creatively from home.

From creating film storyboards and shooting scripts or recordings of home performances to generating scamps for ads and fashion concepts and mood boards, this is a chance to build valuable resources for the future that you will be able to draw on as you progress through your course and at the start of your career. Now is the perfect time to connect with what you can control, engage with the materials to hand and find inspiration in your surroundings. 

Be proud of your home studio

Create a space that you are able to enjoy and feel comfortable in. Display your work, mood-boards or instruments to create an inspiring environment. Check out the BBC’s podcast In the Studio to explore the creative process of famous artists, writers, sports stars, musicians, DJs and designers.

Alarna Barry home studioImage: Courtesy of Alarna Barry, current BA (Hons) Fashion student.

Take inspiration from the ones you love

Keep in contact with your friends and family via online video and social media to find and share creative ideas. Perhaps the next Haim or First Aid Kit is among you.

Make a special effort to do the things you enjoy (and some new things too)

When you’ve had enough of Netflix why not immerse yourself in the BFI’s extraordinary free film archive. Or go clubbing in Berlin, virtually, of course. 

Visit a museum, virtually!

Many museums and galleries are providing virtual tours online. Check out the Artfund’s Meet Me at the Museum series for some celebrity guided tours around the UK or go global with Google Arts & Culture.

Take a break from social media

Loose yourself in an online gig, check out the lockdown must reads of top authors, or take some time out with a mindfulness app, such as Headspace or Calm

Develop a daily routine

You might find it helpful to plan out your time in advance and know what you are doing each day, keeping some structure and having something to look forward to. Check out Mason Currey's Daily Rituals: How Great Minds Make Time, Find Inspiration, and Get to Work 

Access University support and information

Check in regularly with eStudio; your course pages will help you to understand any changes to your course and assessments. Have a good look around the various resource areas and departments for ways to get help, staff across the University are there to assist in whatever circumstances you are in, enabling you to achieve and progress in manageable ways.

The University’s student support services are available remotely during office hours.

For emotional or practical support:

For academic support:

For careers support:

Big White Wall provides an amazing online community of support - click here to find out more

And check out Student Minds for more tips on emotional wellbeing.