How to prepare for your university interview/audition

16 December 2019

At Leeds Arts University, your interview and portfolio, or audition, are a key part of the application process so we’ve put together these top tips to help you through it.

1. Plan ahead

Know where you need to go and how to get there. Give yourself plenty of time to get here so you don’t arrive flustered. If you are delayed, don’t panic! Make sure you have the University contact details to hand and get in touch as soon as possible so we can help you make other arrangements.

2. Be prepared

Make sure you know what is in your portfolio and why you put it there. Include a diverse range of examples; including pieces from your current studies, things you are developing (ideas, sketches and notes) and work you feel is complete. It may help to practise talking through it with a friend or a tutor. Click here for more tips and portfolio guidance specific to your course.

If you are auditioning for our music course make sure you choose a piece that demonstrates your strengths in performance and creativity. Download our audition guide for more information.

3. Ask questions

Use the website and prospectus to remind yourself of the course before you go in and prepare some questions you would like to ask. At Leeds Arts University you’ll have the chance to look around and chat to current students so try to make the most of this to help you to get a feel for whether the course and the University are right for you.

4. Know your stuff

You may want to talk about other artists or musicians you consider to be an influence. Make sure you really know their work, and be prepared to answer any follow up questions the tutor may have. There are no set answers, so make sure you have the chance to share what your knowledge, creativity and experience can bring to the course.

5. Show us your passion

Above all, tutors want to see that you're genuinely enthusiastic about your subject, so try to relax, be yourself and let your passion and creativity shine through.

If you are attending an interview at Leeds Arts University find out what to expect on the day and how to prepare here on our website