A Creative Collaboration

29 November 2019
By Edward Tagg

BA (Hons) Creative Writing student Edward Tagg has collaborated with BA (Hons) Visual Communication student Ashton Bolton to create written responses to visual prompts. Edward tells us more…

Ashton and I have known each other for only a short amount of time but working alongside him was a fun experience. We talked over the possibilities of his art and what the meaning behind it was, and I came up with the idea of a haiku to go alongside the three-slide illustration.

Ashton’s theme is based around the childhood beliefs of growing up, using nostalgia and wanderlust to depict a rising experience through life, at least as I interpret it.

He is an incredibly talented visual storyteller, and I didn’t want to compromise the message being conveyed, so I tried to stay as vague or elusive as possible for the theme to emerge, without coming off as too pretentious. Overall, I think we are both happy with the progress we’re making!

Here’s a selection of the haikus in progress:

Launch the future up,
Towards the infinite high
And find yourself now.


When the name changes
And the world looks upon you,
Never fear growing up.

I’ve now been asked to write more haikus in response to visual prompts, which I’m looking forward to.