Our students welcome the opportunity to collaborate with businesses and other organisations. 

Our students have huge amounts of talent and enthusiasm to offer businesses, and we invite you to take them up on that offer. You’ll benefit from their objective thinking, creative talent, hard work and motivation. In return, our students benefit enormously from learning to handle a real brief from a real client; few things prepare them better for the world of work. We can help you develop your brief and will shortlist appropriate students for your project. 

Live briefs & idea-generation

Do you have a business problem which could benefit from fresh eyes and an injection of left-field thinking? We’re particularly interested in working with businesses not directly related to the creative industries, such as engineers, scientists and computer software companies. Could our students design a better healthcare product? Or a user interface? Or come up with a creative advertising campaign for you? 


Our students are regularly commissioned by businesses to produce works of art – from sculptures to paintings, photographic works and more, perhaps as a piece of public art or to display at the company’s head office. Businesses find this process refreshing, as interpretations of their brief will be innovative and will vary across different media. Our students have produced commissioned work for hotels, businesses, property developments, restaurants and educational establishments. 


Businesses also set projects for our students with a prize attached; for example, one company asked photography students to document a major construction project, with a financial reward for the best interpretation. And in 2014, a second-year Fine Art student, Martin Derbyshire, won a pitch to create the awards for the Excellent Staff Lifelong Service Award for the Leeds Institute of Medical Education. 


Our students would love to work with your business on a live brief, competition or commission. If you have a project in mind, or would just like to chat through a possible opportunity, please email employability@leeds-art.ac.uk.