You will need to submit eight slides of work that demonstrate your creativity and art and design skills. Please read the guidance below carefully which outlines what we are looking for against our selection criteria and consider what to include in the eight slides. You should ensure that you photograph your work carefully and in good light to show it to its best advantage.

As part of the application process we will ask you to submit an e-portfolio to Admissions via our portal. You will receive an email with information on how to upload your e-portfolio. The images in your e-portfolio must be in pdf format and must not exceed 30mb in total.

IMPORTANT: We strongly advise that you check your junk mail to ensure that you don’t miss communications from our admissions team.

Selection Criteria

What we are looking for

Interest and knowledge of art, design and culture (personal statement)

We want to find out what excites and inspires you about studying art and design. Which artists or designers have influenced you and your work?

Are there any galleries, exhibitions or events you have visited that have been influential?

How do you stay current and up to date with contemporary art and design?

What do you hope to gain from studying a Foundation Diploma course? And what are your aspirations for the future?

We also like to know a little bit about what you do outside of art and design, such as hobbies, interests, other influences.

Visual, making and production skills

We will be looking at the visual quality of your work noting your use of things like colour, composition, form, space, line, tone.

We look at how well your work has been made or produced.

We like to see drawing in all its forms; experimental, technical, but particularly drawing that demonstrates your ability to record the three-dimensional world around you (not from photographs).

Use of a range of media, materials and approaches

We will look at the range of media, techniques and processes you have used and that are central to your work. This could include for example, drawing, painting, collage, photography, model-making, textiles or printmaking.

We are aware that the range you are able to demonstrate will depend on your current studies but we do like to see diversity in your work so it is best to show more than one approach or use of media.

Creativity and problem solving

We are interested to see how you develop your ideas, what informs them? How you identify problems and make decisions in order to solve them. We will typically see this through sketchbook pages, idea/design development work, trials, samples, experiments (2D & 3D). 

International applicants
International applicants will be invited to submit their portfolio by email. We accept a range of formats including PDF, PowerPoint and url links to online portfolios. Please click here for more information or contact the International Office if you have any questions about the application process.