We would like you to bring a range of carefully selected work that you have done at school/University, as well as things you have produced in your own time. This can be any visual work, 2D and 3D, sketchbooks, worksheets, photography, items or garments you have made etc.

Please bring samples of your work that demonstrate your drawing, design and practical skills. We are particularly interested in seeing some observational drawing work and you should make sure you have at least a couple of pieces in your portfolio. Do not worry about how ‘finished’ things are; we are interested in seeing your working methods and potential. If you have done any written work related to your choice of course, we would like to see that too.

We do not set a limit on how much work to bring, but make sure you can carry it on your own. If you cannot bring some of your work because it is too large or it is being assessed, please take some photographs and bring those instead. Make sure your photographs give an indication the scale of the work, and where appropriate take close up photographs to show any detail.

Please do not attend without any samples of your work as we will not be able to make a suitable judgement without this.

International applicants
International applicants will be invited to submit their portfolio by email. We accept a range of formats including PDF, PowerPoint and url links to online portfolios. Please click here for more information or contact the International Office if you have any questions about the application process.