We’re thrilled that you’re thinking about studying at Leeds Arts University. We know that getting your place can be an exciting and nerve-racking experience, so we’ve chatted to Emily a Foundation Diploma Art & Design student for some tips and tricks about the interview.

What happens when you apply

We think it is very important that we assess your creative potential and ‘fit’ for the course. Once we receive your application form our admissions department checks your grades or predicted grades. If they meet our entry requirements we send a letter inviting you for interview. More in depth details on how to apply are available here.

Get your portfolio together

Before the interview spend some time compiling your portfolio, we recommend that you read our advice on how to put together a great portfolio. You could also consider speaking to your current teacher about which work shows off your talents.

Getting ready for interview

Don’t worry if you’ve never been to the University before, you can get an idea of the passion of our staff and students by watching all the video clips on our website. Most people find interviews make them nervous, try not to let your nerves get the better of you, the atmosphere in University is very welcoming.

Emily said: ‘I was really nervous before the interview, as soon as I stepped into the building the professional yet relaxed attitude of the staff put me at ease’.

Double check which building your interview is in. We’ve got two main sites, Foundation Diploma students are interviewed in the Vernon Street building. See Find Us for a map and directions.

Emily remembers: 'I got completely lost and went to the wrong place! I went to the building for the degree courses. I was then late and had to run down the road dragging my folio.’

If you have applied for the Foundation Diploma course you will be asked a range of questions during your interview. These includes questions like “Which contemporary artists currently inspire you?” or “Which film directors or authors do you like?”. Think carefully about these questions, your responses will make you stand out.

Emily said: ‘The tutor asked me which artists had influenced my work and I spoke about an artist from my home town. At first I was a bit worried that the artist wasn’t famous and the tutor hadn’t heard of them but I realised it didn’t matter; it was how I spoke about the artist and my individual thoughts and opinions on their work that mattered.’

What happens during the interview

Our Foundation Diploma course interviews in an unconventional way due to the high volume of applications. When you arrive you will leave your portfolio in the interview room and go for a tour of our studios and workshops, whilst on your tour our tutors will review your portfolio. Your interview will take place when you return with a member of the staff team. 

Emily said: ‘A different member of staff interviewed each of us and the interviews all took place at the same time. There was a real buzz of chatter in the room, being able to hear other people talking made the interview much less nerve-wracking.’

And finally

If your interview doesn’t go as planned don’t worry. Our tutors are trained to spot raw talent, if you’ve got what it takes to do well on the course they’ll be able to see it.

Bear in mind this is general guidance for applications, portfolios and interviews at the University. Follow any specific guidance sent to you by the course.

International applicants
Applicants outside the UK can be interviewed via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. See the What happens next? section of the International Apply & Entry Requirements page for further details.