FAQs - Further Education fees and funding

I’m under 19 – Do I have to pay for my course?

No - with the exception of International students, Further Education is fully funded by the Government as long as you are aged under 19 on the 1st September in the year in which you start the course.

I’m over 19 – Do I have to pay for course fees?

The rules vary slightly each year but those who are under age 24, and who have not already achieved a qualification at either level 2 (GCSE ) or Level 3 (A Level) will be fully funded as will those claiming JSA at the start of their course provided the course is part time. 

Those aged under 24, but who have already achieved the same level qualification in a different subject area, will have to pay the cost of the course. 

Those who are aged over 24, and studying at level 3 (extended Diploma/Foundation Diploma/Access to HE) will have to pay full cost, but they can take out a 24+ Advanced learning loan.  Those aged over 24, and studying at level 2 (Diploma in Visual Arts) will have to pay fees unless you are on a work related means tested benefit. 

Please see the Funding Information page for more details.  

Can I claim benefits whilst studying on a Further Education course?

If you are aged under 19 at the start of the course, (1st September), your parents will be able to continue claiming child benefit and child tax credit for you until you finish the course.  See www.gov.uk/child-benefit for further details.

If you are over 19 at the start of the course, it is unlikely that you will be able to claim benefits, unless you have dependants, if you are studying any of our full time courses.  You would need to be on a part time course to be able to claim benefits.

For other information about benefits please go to gov.uk website www.gov.uk/benefits.

I’ve heard that there may be extra funding for student from low income households – what does this entail?

Every University receives an allocation of funds to distribute according to Government rules, which is targeted at those who need it the most, and is for study related costs. This is called the Discretionary Learner Support fund. If you are from a low income family you may be able to receive help with the costs of books and equipment for University.

Please go to Funding information for Further Education applicants.

I am under 18 and estranged from my parents – Can I get extra help?

If you are living independently and are in receipt of Income support because of this, you could get a bursary of up to £1,200 which is paid weekly, subject to attendance.

For more details of this please go to the Funding Information for Further Education applicants page