We’re looking for students with the best potential to succeed irrespective of their background. That’s why we welcome a wide range of qualifications and experience.

The entry criteria you need to meet in order to study at Leeds Arts University depends on the level of study and course you choose to apply for. You will find a list of welcomed qualifications under your level of study.

UCAS are providing a range of support materials to help raise awareness during the transitional years – these can be found at UCAS Qualifications Reform.

Leeds Arts University Statement Regarding Qualification reform in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland:

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be providing different types of Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications.  There will be a phased implementation of subjects which will see applicants offering a mixture of both old and new style qualifications.

The University has considered the reforms to the qualifications to ensure that applicants, as well as schools and Universities, are aware of our current stance on these reforms. We will continue to review our position on the qualification reforms as more information becomes available.

Leeds Arts University is committed to fair admissions. You can view our Higher Education Admissions Policy

We appreciate that some applicants may apply in the next few years with a mix of old and new style A/AS Levels. We continue to accept these qualifications. Decisions will continue to be made holistically, based on a wide range of factors including predicted grades, previously achieved qualifications, the strength of the personal statement, the evidence of achievement and potential provided in the academic reference and the quality of your application images.


Ofqual has stated that a grade of 4 will equate to the existing C grade. Therefore, the University will require all applicants to achieve at least a grade 4 where previously a grade C was accepted. The University will continue to accept a grade C where applicants have taken the qualification in the old format or have studied in Northern Ireland or Wales.

We do not plan to make any major changes to our entry requirements as a result of these reforms. However, we will monitor the performance of students as the reforms proceed and where necessary will respond to developing trends.

We strongly recommend that schools and Universities use the reference as part of the UCAS application to provide a clear explanation of any restrictions or difficulties an applicant may have faced in terms of subject availability, along with an explanation of the styles of qualifications that have been taken.