Natalie Mason, AKA Natalie Encarnita graduated from BA (Hons) Fashion in 2006 with a First Class Degree and has gone on to become a successful womenswear designer.

Natalie had designs going in to ASOS and Topshop when she was just in her early twenties and recently graduated. Returning from a short break, she has recently launched a new collection from her own Designer Fashion brand Natalie Encarnita, after moving back to Melbourne.

Natalie started selling her designs to independent stores while she was still a student at Leeds Arts University. During a short break from designing, Natalie became the production manager for the UK label, Aqua from 2010-2011. After travelling and returning to Australia, Natalie has returned to designing her own label and has launched a 2013 collection which has been well received and is now stocked in Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Natalie Encarnita: