Beth Stone studied BA (Hons) Creative Advertising with Leeds Arts University, graduating in 2016. While exhibiting with the University at D&AD New Blood in London, Beth was offered a post at brand design agency DesignBridge where she now works as a Middleweight Designer and Copywriter.

We asked Beth what she enjoyed about her time at Leeds Arts University and how the course helped her in starting out professionally.

There is no way, hands down, that I would be where I am today without doing this course. I secured my job at D&AD New Blood Festival about a month after finishing university. What made me stand out from the rest of the interviewees was the quality of ideas that studying advertising at Leeds Arts University helped me to develop and produce. The course has connections to big (and small) agencies and these are offered and opened to you from the beginning to the end, they are incredibly useful to help you get your foot in the door.

The tutors treat you like a professional creative, in a creative environment. You learn everything you need to know about an agency from Client Services, and Strategy all the way to Art Direction and Copywriting. This made transitioning into the ‘real world’ agency I’m in now a lot easier. Knowing what a brief looks like, what questions you need to ask, being able to add your own insights, knowing what you can do in short deadlines and knowing you can deliver what the client wants from you…and more…is invaluable and the course gives you that stepping stone to build on when in an agency. 

We also weren’t forced to narrow down into a specific role - unless we choose to do this. By having this freedom to flow across every role in advertising, I’m now comfortable in my career as a Comms Designer (essentially a design agencies version of an Art Director) and Copywriter because I've learnt the skills I need to do both. Working with clients such as KFC, Lipton and Captain Morgan gives me the opportunities to confidently show the skills I’ve gained at a high level across the look, feel and voice of any brand or company.