Sustainability Statistics

Energy Consumption

Leeds Arts University energy consumption (both gas and electricity) is decreasing on average by 7% year on year. Over the last 4 academic years there has been an overall reduction in energy consumption of 18%. This is due to raised awareness and individuals taking responsibility for turning off lights, air conditioning units and computers, along with the use of more energy efficient technology throughout the University.

CO2 Emissions

Through activities associated with managing the estate, the University has reduced CO2 emission by 36% since the academic year 2013-14. Emissions are decreasing on average by 14% year on year. The University are also working to improve recycling rates, source local and sustainable food for refectories and install low energy technology across the estate.

Waste Statistics

The University continue to increase recycling rates and reduce waste produced regardless of an increase in student numbers and estate size over the last 3 years. Between 2015-16 and 2016-17 the University decreased overall waste production by 30%.

94% of waste produced was diverted away from landfill through recycling initiatives and creating energy in 2016-17. 79% of our waste was recycled and 15% of waste created by University activities was used to create energy.