Kelly is an Artist and Course Leader, BA (Hons) Fine Art. Prior to this role she acquired an extensive portfolio of teaching experience at FE and HE level, and has been teaching at degree level since 2001.

Undertaking practice led research, expanded definitions of drawing [2D/3D] have always been central to her practice, with a specific focus on Scientific and Medical research and imagery. During her Masters Degree she pioneered the first collaboration between the microbiology, radiology and fine art departments at Leeds Metropolitan University and, more recently, she engaged in a six month residency at St James’s hospital, Leeds, with the Haematological Malignancy Diagnostic Services.

Current investigations explore the nature of seriality and the complex relationships between repetition, reproduction and difference.

She is engaged in the contemporary debates around science, medicine and art and continues to collaborate with scientists to inform and underpin her working practice.

Kelly is particularly interested in the change and removal, growth and deterioration of the life and nature of a virus. Installations and objects demonstrate how something seemingly delicate and insubstantial can overwhelm its environment, whilst dissected drawings represent the paradoxical fragility and strength of microbiological structures.

Continuous addition and removal, (re)production and reduction results in a coherent body of structural variations. Working in sequence the components initially appear identical, however, the process ensures each work is unique, retaining the possibility for expansion and modification.