Janine Sykes is the Course Leader of the MA in Curation Practices, and a Senior Lecturer of the BA (Hons) Creative Advertising course. She studied History of Art and Philosophy (BA) and Visual Culture (MA) at Staffordshire University and e-Learning (MEd) at Hull University. Her teaching experience spans Further (FE) and Higher Education (HE), and she is appointed as external examiner at Buckinghamshire New University. Although her teaching and research interests are wide-ranging, she is currently focused on Curation practices.

Starting with experience as a gallery assistant, Janine has accumulated expertise through fourteen years of employing Curation as part of a hybrid approach to the teaching and (experiential) learning of Visual Culture. Her Curatorial knowledge manifests in collaborative practices within galleries and museums, and expansion into other areas including Education, Heritage, Retail and Creative Advertising. These shifts indicate a need for a new Curatorial skill-set, where pedagogy, creative techniques, uses of New Media and communication strategies combine to enhance audience engagement and experience.

Janine has a growing research profile and exhibition portfolio, and the consistent thread throughout her career is Art Education. An early interest in how the creative curriculum could be enhanced by New Media began with a JISC project with Wolverhampton University which led to her becoming Lead Researcher at Leeds Arts University for MoLeNET, a national project exploring the impact of mobile learning. In 2012 Janine published ‘Locating the Value and Opportunities for Online Collaborative Creativity within Advertising’ for the Journal of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education.

Her interest in Art Education led to her contributing to a publication Design Pedagogy and Research (2007) and continued in Curatorial work with the staff collectives Behind the Glass Mosaic 1913-2013 and The Continuing Process (2015). She then curated Outside Collett Dickenson Pearce (2015) which was the first Creative Advertising exhibition held in the University gallery and reviews of it featured in articles by the History of Advertising Trust and the national press.

With a view to undertaking study at PhD level, Janine is exploring how Curation practices can create informative (virtual and physical) environments and collective experiences. She is committed to the continual examination, alongside professionals in the field, of how the discipline of Curation changes and develops across national and international contexts.

Chapters in books

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Conference Proceedings

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Journal articles

Sykes, J. (2013) ‘Locating the value and opportunities for online collaborative creativity within advertising’ in Journal of Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education Vol. 11 No. 2. pp. 91-109: Intellect, Bristol.

Invited speaker presentations

Sykes, J., A history of Art Pedagogy at Leeds Arts University (seminar) Art School Educated, The National Art Education Archive, Yorkshire Sculpture Park 14th May, 2016.

Conference presentations

Sykes, J., ‘Memorial’ IJADE conference, Glasgow School of Art, 6th Nov (2015)

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Treasures Revealed (contributor) National Art Education Archive Gallery 15 April – 30 November 2017

Outside Collett Dickenson Pearce, Leeds Arts University Gallery (April/May 2015) and The Hip Store, Leeds (Oct 2015-Jan 2016).

The Continuing Process Leeds Arts University Studio Gallery, (March 2015)

Behind the Glass Mosaic 1913 -2013 Leeds Arts University Studio Gallery (16th Dec 2013-17th Jan 2014).