Equality and Diversity

The University recognises the benefits diversity brings, and we aim to provide a learning environment free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation. We have an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy which describes how we will promote equality and diversity as well as tackling and eliminating discrimination.

To ensure that this policy is implemented our two key overarching objectives for the next three years are to:

(a) Increase participation of students and staff from protected characteristic groups who would benefit from studying or working at the Institution.

(i) Through analysing data and information in order to identify barriers to entry; briefing and training staff; enacting an active outreach programme; targeted marketing and promotion.

(ii) Evidenced by achieving the targets set out in our Access and Participation Plan which includes an increased participation of BAME students to 16% of our undergraduate intake by 2024/25.

(b) To identify and narrow the gaps in performance between groups with protected characteristics throughout the student lifecycle.

(i) Through effective use of data in order to identify and implement appropriate strategies that support the continuation, attainment and progression of underrepresented groups.

(ii) Evidenced by narrowing the gaps identified and achieving the targets set out in our Access and Participation Plan which includes the elimination of the attainment gap that exists between students with a disability and those without from 2021.

Our Student Welfare team provide guidance and support on everything from accommodation to learning support issues. We aim to create a positive, inclusive environment where students who require additional support have the same opportunities to benefit, wherever possible, from education or other related provision.

If you have practical, physical or mobility problems (or any other disability), please let us know. We have a team of staff who can help determine any reasonable adjustments needed to help with your studies.

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