Jamie Gould chats to us about his BA (Hons) Photography degree and why he thinks Leeds is a great place to study.

Why did you choose to study at Leeds Arts University?

I knew it was one of the best places to study photography in the country. I wanted find a quality learning environment where I would be surrounded by other creative people. Also I wanted to be in a big city for university. Leeds gives me all I could possibly need and more as a student.

What do you specialise in and what are you working on at the moment?

I'm currently working on a photobook of images of Shanghai and Leeds as well as a still life self-portrait brief for my work in University. I'm also planning on setting up my own website in order to get my work out there.

Jamie Work 2

How does the University help you develop your practice?

The University gives me access to high quality equipment, studio space, brilliant learning resources, affordable printing as well as staff with years of experience. I've been able to try so many things for the first time in my first year and I have learned so much about photography as an art form and as a profession.

What do you plan to do after University?

Hopefully by the end of my third year I will have established the field I want to go into after University and will have gained some contacts that will help me find some work opportunities. There are lots of different roles within the creative industries so I will explore these possibilities over the next couple of years.

What makes Leeds a good place to study?

This city is brilliant to be in as a student. There is a little bit of everything in Leeds; food, shopping, music, theatre, sports. All this can be found in Leeds and a short train journey will take into the heart of the Yorkshire countryside. Another brilliant thing about Leeds is how well connected it is. London (or in my case, home) is just over 2 hours away on the train meaning students have the ability to explore other areas of the country on the occasional day trip. And on top of all this, it's a lot cheaper than the south!

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