Chris graduated from BA (Hons) Creative Advertising at Leeds Arts University in 2012.

After graduating Chris moved to London in the summer and began working in a restaurant in Farringdon (he chose this area as it is known to be a hub for creative agencies and in particular digital agencies). One day, Chris served the Creative Director of AKQA (little did he know). He brought him a coca cola and asked him what he was working on. After he explained he was working on a social media strategy, Chris asked where he worked, and on finding out, he took the opportunity to bravely ask for a crit of his own work. The Director agreed and saw his portfolio of work from Leeds Arts University. As a specialist in digital he noticed a collection of digital vinyls Chris had created for his final major project. From the crit, Chris was offered a three month internship with the company at their London office.

AKQA is an advertising agency that specialises in creating digital services and products with offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Washington, Amsterdam, Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Atlanta and Portland. Earning the placement was a huge achievement, but only the first hurdle to overcome. To prove himself in this top agency and be noticed, Chris had to put the hard work and the hours in, working in the agency 40 hours a week alongside his other job. But the internship gave Chris the opportunity to work for clients including Alfa Romeo, Nike, Google, Fiat as well as on numerous app developments.

Chris completed his three month internship and on his last day was offered a job with the company as a conceptualist and associate designer for Nike. He has now been there for the best part of the year, and has been highly involved in Global, European and UK campaigns – with live work going out the door every day.

Chris’ portfolio can be found here:

If you are interested in internships at AKQA, visit their website to find out more.