BA (Hons) Animation student Elliot Gascoigne talks to us about his time at the University...

What made you select Animation? 

The reason for me choosing this programme was the wide variety of doors it could open for me. I initially wanted to take a course where it was purely stop motion animation but after reading the course information online and the variety of techniques taught I chose to pursuit BA (Hons) Animation here. 

What do you really enjoy about studying Animation? 

I enjoy the flexibility of the modules, some more than others, but it really does make you feel professional and it builds your confidence in yourself about the future. 

What are the studios and facilities like at the University? 

I really didn't expect the facilities to be at this standard, whenever you need to borrow anything you can without any fuss, and the computer suites are equally as accessible. 

What are you currently working on - what area do you specialise in? 

I have recently been briefed with a new module where we have three tasks to choose from, such as creating a title sequence for a book that has not yet been made into a film, or creating three Idents (short animations that show you what TV channel you are watching) like E4 for example. I tend to specialise in hand drawn animation, drawing each frame individually, so if you had a 20 second animation at 12 frames a second that is 240 frames in total ... it is very time consuming but worth it at the end! 

Where do you draw your inspiration? 

There are two Youtube animators that I really get inspired by, David Firth the creator of salad fingers and Felix Colgrave - both have a dark sense of humour and make thought provoking animations. My ambition is to produce animations that make people think!

Below is Elliot's first year animation 'Umbrella'...