Annabeth is an Electronic Artist and Filmmaker, predominantly using virtual worlds and game technology since 2005, to explore multi-user interactive artworks and machinima (film making using video game technology). In the virtual world - Second Life - she is known as AngryBeth Shortbread.

Her work has been shown internationally including; ISEA Singapore 2008 & Belfast 2009 as part of Kritical Projects, Bumbershoot Art Festival, Seattle 2006 – as part of Pixel Dolls, Meat-space & Everything All at Once. Annabeth has also been a speaker at conferences on educational and creative arts uses of Virtual Worlds, including; HEA/ ICS – Massive Multi Learner, University of Paisley, 2007 and From Black Box to Second Life Symposium, University of Hull, 2011. Her current project is exploring Microsoft Kinect (3D Depth Sensor) to create real time interactive visuals, demonstrated at Light Night 2013, Leeds.

Annabeth is a Senior Lecturer for BA (Hons) Animation, where she specialises in the moving image, interactive design and video game aspects of the programme. Her current research interests are motion capture and tracking, augmented reality, and serious games for education.