Find out when our staff are travelling overseas and how you can meet us! Where (tbc) is listed, it means some visits, locations or dates are still to be confirmed.

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16/11/16 - 17/11/16

India - New Delhi

Local representative visits (Portfolio Day organised by Prem N. Kapur Associates)

17 November


School visits

Emma Trevaskiss 

09/01/17 - 10/01/17


Tautdanning Lillestrom fair

Jenny Oxley 

02/02/17 - 03/02/17 


Tautdanning Trondheim fair

Jenny Oxley

18/01/17 - 24/01/17 

Hong Kong 

English Schools Foundation (ESF) fair


Independent school & local representative visits


Amber Education university fair

Jenny Oxley  

04/03/17 - 10/03/17 

Indonesia & Singapore 

British Council exhibition (Jakarta)

4 - 5 March


TheRightU fair (Singapore)

10 March


Independent school & local representative visits

Emma Trevaskiss

20/04/17 - 25/04/17 


NACAC Los Angeles fair

20 April


WACAC Las Vegas fair

21 April


NACAC Orange County fair

23 April


NACAC San Diego fair

25 April 

Emma Trevaskiss